Cookie Privacy Policy
Version 1.0, Date of last update: 01.10.2023

This Cookie Privacy Policy explains how Limited Liability Company Omega Legal Bureau (TIN 7709546699) uses cookie on the website and any other websites or applications owned, used or controlled by it (collectively referred to as «sites»).

1. General Provisions

Cookie are small text files that are stored on your user's device when you visit websites, read by a server in a specified domain. Some cookie are required for the normal operation of our sites. These cookie are called «essential» cookie. Other cookie remember information about choices you make on sites and allow us to customize sites according to your preferences. These cookie are called «operational» or «functional» cookie.

We collect essential and functional cookie. We use these files to ensure the technical operation of the sites and to improve the sites based on cookie analysis. We do not use cookie for online advertising or marketing purposes.

Using of cookie is limited to the duration of the user's session when working with websites.

2. Cookie and personal data

Cookie are collected by us without reference to working with websites by a specific person. We may use this data in generalized form, that is, as a statistical measure, but not in a way that personally identifies the user of the sites. Cookie do not contain your personal data.

3. Blocking cookie

You can block cookie through your browser settings, however this may affect the functionality of the sites. If you use several devices and/or browsers to access the Internet, the appropriate settings must be changed in each of them.

4. Changes to the Cookie Privacy Policy

If the Cookie Privacy Policy is changed, the Limited Liability Company Legal Bureau Omega has the right to change it at any time without separate notification to site users.

We recommend review this Policy regularly to stay up-to-date on the cookie you use.

5. The date of the last update is indicated at the beginning of this Policy

If you have any questions regarding the application of the Cookie Privacy Policy, you can contact us by writing an email to