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A new book of the CEO of the Legal Bureau Omega Gennady Uvarkin was published

You can buy a paper and electronic version of the book on the publisher's website:

The book is one of the first attempts in our country of the comprehensive analysis of the legal regulation of the media, as well as new media and phenomena such as Web 2.0 and civil journalism, which fundamentally changed the approach to the creation and distribution of mass media.

The author's goal was to comprehensively consider all aspects of media regulation, both public law and private law. In this regard, the book includes sections on the protection of intangible benefits and the protection of copyright and neighbouring rights in the media.

One of the features of the book is an attempt to explain the preconditions for the ocurrenceand meaning of the functioning of certain legal rules and institutions. The work reflects Gennady Uvarkin's more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, as well as significant experience in teaching the academic discipline "Media law" to law students and journalists.

👨‍💻 The format of the publication is a textbook that will be interesting for law students and professional lawyers, as well as representatives of the media business.