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International conference "SK Regions CreativeTech"

9 of February annual international conference «SK Regions CreativeTech. The intersection of technology and creativity» was held in technopark "Skolkovo".

Leontyev Konstantin Borisovich - an expert of the Legal Bureau "Omega" performed with the topic "Innovative. Desired. Your IP. On guard of the uniqueness of the product».

In modern world it is very important to work fast with innovations. Many people and companies suffer from huge losses due to the illiterate and neglect attitude to abstract assets. In order to not to get stuck in the trap, it is important to maintain constant IP protection, to use complex approaches to this issue, to use all legal instruments provided by modern legislation and international agreements in the IP industry.
Getting all the issues of ownership and disposal of IP rights organized requires "legal instincts" that allow saving a huge amount of time and resources of entrepreneurs and profit organizations.