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7 of February, 2022 an international educational conference for experts in the field of transformation of law, intellectual property, creative industries and the digital economy took place in Moscow (DISTANT&DIGITAL).

More than 200 of leading experts from Russia and foreign countries shared their experience of adaptation to the high level of competition in the personnel market and forecasts about the future of law and the industry of intellectual property, the judicial system and society at all. About 50 online-events were held, including business discussions, lectures and master classes.

The employees of the Legal Bureau Omega participated in the conference as the speakers: The CEO - Uvarkin Gennady Igorevich was performing with the topic: "The right to creative expression in the context of legal restrictions" and the Deputy CEO Leontiev Konstantin Borisovich spoke about "Parallel creativity: myth, violation of dogmas or reality in digital world?”