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The annual XI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum was held with the participation of the Legal Bureau Omega

The photo was provided by the Roscongress Foundation. © Sergey Konkov, 2023

In 2023 from 11 to 13 of May one of the most significant legal events in Russia - ХI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum – took place, where experts of various legal fields gathered together to discuss important issues of modern law.

13 of May Gennady Uvarkin became moderator of the session «Legal Regulation of the Creation and Distribution of Audiovisual Content in Russia».

In the conference participated such experts as:

Ekaterina Larina – the director of the Department of Development of Mass Communications and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication;

Vitaly Kalyatin - the professor of IP department of S.S. Alekseev Research Institute of Private Law under the President of the Russian Federation;

Anton Malyshev – the Head of the Department of Distribution and Marketing of the Production Faculty of the S.A. Gerasimov National State University of Cinematography (NSUC), Executive Director of the Foundation for the Development of Modern Cinema «KINOPRIME»;

Maxim Ksenzov – the CEO of «Support of Military-Patriotic Cinema» Foundation;

Nikita Danilov – the CEO OF National Federation of Music Industry (NFMI);

Alexey Byrdin – the CEO of «Internet-video» Association (IVA).

Together with the experts Gennady Uvarkin discussed about the possibility of easing of responsibility for Russian companies that produce and distribute audio-visual content in the conditions of unfriendly actions from Western companies, spoke up about mandatory licensing to ensure access to audio-visual content and support of its investment activity, as well as suggested further measures to create and promote national content.

11 of May Gennady Uvarkin was invited as the front row participant in the conference «A Request for Freedom of Speech. The Legal Nihilism of Western Countries Towards the Russian Media». During the session many important issues were discussed, for example, how are Russian media resources surviving amid the high potential for conflict and sanctions and what solutions are they identifying to overcome repression activities from hostile jurisdictions.