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The CEO of Legal Bureau Omega gave a comment on the case of Nikolay Evdokimov

One of the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) leading IT-specialists in Russia Nikolay Evdokimov will spend 7 years in jail for Fraud. He is convicted of registration of 46 subsystems of the unified integrated information system (EIS) "Sotsstrakh" on his own organization which he worked on in FSS. This led to the loss of hundreds of millions of rubles for the organization.

Gennady Uvarkin believes that in this case the problem of recognizing the works (computer programms) as official ones is ambiguous:
"We know that the main tasks of the IT-specialist were the installation, maintenance and ensuring the operability of public use programs and EIS subsystems in the FSS.It is necessary that there were working relations between the author (employee) and the company during the process of creating the object. As well as the activity of the author was included in the specific work responsibilities of the employee. Taking into account that we talk about such large development, I can say that the accused one is very likely to be not the sole author of the object."
The expert suggests that there are good chances to challenge the ownership of the FSS rights to the work. However, the evidence base of the recognition of the object as official one will matter.